Official SoccerHub Whitepaper, last updated November, 2021


Hey, soccer fans! Inspired by top worldwide favorite soccer manager games like “Top Eleven” or “Football Manager” being loved over the last decade, SoccerHub is the very first soccer management game built as a play-to-earn game for anyone who has a deep love of soccer and desires to earn tokens while enjoying his own soccer club management.
In SoccerHub, every user will be a soccer manager who can own your soccer squad in which every soccer player is an NFT player. All specifications of NFT players are generated based on Blockchain technologies. Soccer managers can put their squads into training sessions to level up their skills and or join several tournaments to gain winning awards.
The higher skills the NFT players get, the more values the soccer manager can earn. These values can bring soccer managers to tournament prizes or raise their NFT players’ prices in the marketplace. So even while SoccerHub is a fun game, it also provides plenty of opportunities for the community to earn.
The key point that makes SoccerHub an off-beat game is that it’s a mix of traditional games which are still loved for many years with the most trending Blockchain technologies which can create very distinct characters and exciting play-to-earn activities including:
  • Forming your favorite soccer teams
  • Training and Tracking the performance of teams
  • Auctions at transfer market for better players
  • Taking part in soccer tournaments
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Buying/ Upgrading facilities
Players can join the SoccerHub universe as soccer managers
As a play-to-earn game, the players can claim tokens by:
  • Sell NFT players by auctions
  • Daily reward by staking
  • Daily reward by training
  • Winning match
  • Level up

Mission & Vision


SoccerHub is built as a funny and exciting play-to-earn game for the soccer fan community. We use Blockchain and Creativity to connect huge numbers of fans all over the world and transform unique ideas into reality in a virtual world. Our core team will create the most fair-play game ever as all activities in Soccer Hub are built on smart contracts.


SoccerHub aims to be one of the top big virtualized games for soccer fans based on blockchain technology that attracts millions of fans having an interest in soccer and NFT as well as play-to-earn games.
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