Long-term Sustainability

Firstly, the community pursues funny and joyful activities for soccer fans in order that they can turn their dreams into reality in the Soccer Hub kingdom. Our team focuses on developing distinct soccer players that the Soccer Manager owns and creating interesting campaigns surrounding the soccer players.
Secondly, unlike the traditional ecosystem, the model of Soccer Hub is to reward all the players for their time and effort in building the ecosystem. Rather than selling game items, our development team concentrates on the value of developing NFT soccer players that bring economic opportunities for players as these NFT soccer players can not be copied, they are the only-one players having discrete genes and skills.
Therefore, we believe that Soccer Hub would be a long-term sustained ecosystem that players can play and earn with:
    Satisfying the passion in Soccer
    Enjoying the ownership of a Super Squads
    Earning tokens while playing and relaxing
    Making friends and learn from the community
    Betting winning
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