Characters in game

The only characters in the game are NFT soccer players, and are generated by Blockchain with random Attributes (15 different attributes), Positions (14 different positions), and Statistics (17 different statistics)
  1. 1.
    Attributes are divided into 3 categories: Defence, Attack and Physical & Mental
  2. 2.
    Positions include: GK, DL, DC, DR, DML, DMC, DMR, ML, MC, MR, AML, AMC, AMR, and ST
    GK: Goal Keeper
    DL: Defensive Left
    DC: Defensive Center
    DR: Defensive Right
    DML: Defensive midfielder Left
    DMC: Defensive Midfielder Center
    DMR: Defensive Midfielder Right
    ML: Midfielder Left
    MC: Midfielder Center
    MR: Midfielder Right
    AML: Attacking midfielder Left
    AMC: Attacking Midfielder Center
    AMR: Attacking Midfielder Right
    ST: Striker
  3. 3.
    Statistics are basic information including player’s quality, available skill point, field roles, nationality, height, weight, right-footed/ left-footed, market value, season wage, age, special ability,...
One special feature is that every soccer player in Soccer Hub is a NFT player which Soccer Manager could transfer in the marketplace to form a better-skilled team. So this will be an economic opportunity for the community to play and earn.
As the better soccer players Soccer Manager owns, the more value they can bring!
Soccer Manager can level up their own players through:
  • Daily Training: Let players be trained every day
  • Personal Trainer: Spend token to instantly boost players
  • Power Training: Train players repeatedly over a number of extra training sessions.
If you want to own your very own soccer club, below are 5 ways to gain players:
  • Buy NFT players
  • Auctions
  • Scout list (under discussion)
  • Direct transfer offers (under discussion)
  • Youth Academy (under discussion)