1. 1.
    Manager level
The manager's level represents his success and experience. Promoted to a higher level, the manager will compete with more challenging opponents, and as a result, the NFT players should be trained and developed to other higher and more demanded in the transfer market.‌
2. Tournaments
There will be many kinds of tournaments which will be held in the game as real life. For the very first beginning phase, SoccerHub considers the below tournaments. In the future, other tournaments could be additionally organized if necessary.‌
2.1 League, Champion League, and Super League
In Soccer Hub, each league consists of 14 same-level teams, which will play two matches against each other opponents. At the end of the season,‌
  • The team manager who ends up the season at 1st to 7th (inclusive) will be promoted to the next level at the start of the next season.
  • The team that stands at 1st to 4th position will qualify for Champions League the next season.
  • The team that stands at 5th to 8th position is to participate in the Super League.
The competition rules of the Champions League and Super League are as World Cup's rules.‌
2.2 Super VIP Cup
In the Super VIP cup, only the Top 12 VIP clubs could join the tournament. Regardless of manager level, clubs will be chosen by the below criteria:‌
  • Level of time engagement in the game
  • Level of engagement in Soccer Hub ecosystem (in terms of transaction volume...)
  • The growth speed of squad's level
The rule will be a type of playoff competition. A game player plays two matches against opponents from various levels and after two matches the winner of the clash is decided by the “Away Goals Rule” or by penalty kicks. The winner goes further and the loser will be knocked out. The winner will be promoted up to 3 levels and get the highest prize in the season.‌
3. Friendly competitions
At a friendly match, soccer players can gain experience and burn conditions as a tournament match, but the result does not affect the soccer manager's standing position in any tournament.‌
  • Each manager can challenge other managers
  • Game players can challenge the Soccer Hub manager once a day.
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