A match takes place under many factors, including individual performance, team spirit, or even weather.
Basically, the course of the match will depend on the confrontation between the coach's tactics, the technique of the players in the competitive positions, and there will be a bit of luck as well.
Before starting the match, the coach will have to decide on the starting lineup and overall tactics.
A basic match will take place within 5 minutes, the start time of the match will depend on the player's time zone and the tournament that the team participates in.
During the match, the coach can keep a close eye on the player's basic stats, match statistics, and dramatic moments.
Soccer Manager can make substitutions as well as tactics to change the game.
The course of the match is calculated by using very complex formulas and based on the unpredictability of the blockchain, so there will be unpredictable variables.
During matches, players will be physically worn out and possibly injured as in real life. Those situations also depend on a lot of other factors such as the nature of the game, the mental and physical fitness of the players, the training method, stadium facilities, audience enthusiasm, and a little bit of bad luck.